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Why are Nurse Managers Working So Hard?

This past month, I conducted onsite mock appraiser visits with four re-designating ANCC Magnet Program™ hospitals. These facilities are among the best in the nation, and I was overcome by the excellent outcomes and innovations in care that were evident. I was also amazed at the extra work expected from unit-level nursing managers in these outstanding facilities. Most spoke of their purposeful hourly rounding processes and the products used to record those visits, such as Get-Well Network™, Rauland Responder 5™ nurse call lights, and home-grown spreadsheets. However, none shared applications that have been added to save nurse manager time to audit and coach nurse compliance with these nursing functions.

When I enter a facility to support the Magnet journey, I take off my Nobl Health CNO hat and leave it at the door. They don’t invite me in to try to sell them something, and I respect that separation. But after I left each facility, I just wanted to scream “Check out Nobl Health! We have it all – fast, effective documentation of Hourly Rounds, Leader Rounds, Employee Rounds with instant access to customized analytics, service recovery communication, employee recognition, and employee coaching.”

Our products work on any smart device or PC workstation, are supported with cloud or onsite servers, and interface with all the major EMR vendors, call light systems, and even HRMS employee files, if hospitals want these functions. We average 60 days from signed contract to deployment of the product(s) in-house, and can customize users for one product or all products.

What is the turnover rate for your unit-level managers? Are you purchasing online applications that are designed to make their work-life balance better?

If your employee engagement and patient satisfaction scores are not where you want them, why not reach out beyond the “big-name” vendors to a company that is creating cutting-edge features, but small enough to provide the personalized service you need to sustain excellence in your facilities?

Blog written by Dr.Teresa Anderson, EdD, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing Officer, Nobl