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Using Rounding to Recognize and Reward Employees

How our clients are cultivating joy this season through employee recognition awards.

At the end of each calendar year, our Nobl Team reflects on client successes and the gift of working with so many progressive and caring teams. Having a role in transforming our clients rounding processes and helping them achieve measurable outcomes brings us joy.  Thank you for partnering with us and trusting our products to be the consistent, reliable technology that you expect. We are excited to continue to be your “trusted” partner in 2019!

“Early in 2018, I co-facilitated a dynamic webinar, Real-World Rounding, with employee engagement expert Vicki Hess. Vicki describes employee engagement as being ‘satisfied, energized, and productive at work’ which leads to professional paradise, a form of joy” shared Chief Nursing Officer, Terry Anderson.  Praises and recognition contribute to this workplace joy. When employees are engaged and joyful it is reflected in every interaction and caring act. “Doing something well and then seeing the appreciation of patients, coworkers or supervisors feeds the spirit and energizes” said Teresa Anderson.

“The effort towards improving employee engagement and recognition was seen this year in the data we get from the Nobl Rounding Platform” said Chief Marketing Officer, Katie Haifley. Hospitals used the Nobl Rounding Platform praise feature to quickly harvest recognitions they received from rounds. On average, we saw that 1 out of every 4 leader rounds had a specific staff member recognized.

Nobl’s analytics provide easy access to individual and aggregate praises and the ability to email information directly to the staff member, to their supervisor or higher within the chain of command. Our clients have used their data to create some amazing awards.  

Here are 5 examples of recognition programs our partners have created:


Sparkler Award

In this program, $5 vouchers are given to employees who are observed demonstrating visible initiative and action that exemplifies commitment to values, patient safety, quality care, and an excellent patient experience.  Names are captured during leader rounds, discharge calls, calls/emails to Patient Experience, Patient Safety and Quality departments.

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Weekly FIREWORKS Newsletter Awards

Recognition of those who shine as bright as the sun and receive patient compliments through rounding are highlighted in the weekly hospital newsletter that is shared amongst all staff.

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Dynamic Duo Award

One clinical and one non-clinical employee are honored each quarter, who are consistently demonstrating visible initiative and action that exemplifies commitment to values, patient safety, quality care and an excellent patient experience. These employees then appear on the Employee Honor Wall for public recognition.

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Ultimate Rounder Award

A single employee receives this honor at the beginning of the year after receiving the most recognitions from patient and employee leader rounding the previous year.

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Leader, Achiever, and Legend Awards

There are three tiers of employee recognitions in this hospital's program. The Leader award goes to any employee who was recognized 15 times or more in a quarter. The Achiever award goes to any employee who was recognized 15 times or more 2 quarters in a row. The highest honor, the Legend award, goes to those employees that are recognized 15 or more times 3 quarters in a row.

We would love to hear from your healthcare organization about the recognitions that are provided to staff.  Especially those that are linked to your rounding processes or data. Far too often in healthcare we focus attention on safety or service issues to correct problems. Praising transforms the dialogue from negative to positive and energizes everyone involved.   

May we all bring joy to the world…one round at a time!  

Blog written by Dr.Teresa Anderson, Chief Nursing Officer and Katie Haifley, Chief Marketing Officer.