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Staffing Issues Shouldn’t Derail Patient Rounds

High census, low staffing, and competing leader priorities are causing some facilities to suspend leader rounding on patients, but at what cost? Have expectations about safety and patient experience related to value-based purchasing and reimbursement suddenly changed? Can facilities afford to leave ‘money on the table’ from sub-par patient satisfaction data or severe patient safety events that cost thousands of dollars?


Improving Hourly Rounding Engagement

For over 15 years, hourly rounding, when embraced by all levels of staff within an acute care facility, has been recognized as an industry best practice to reduce patient falls, decrease call light frequency, and improve patient experience perceptions, particularly around nurse responsiveness.  These outcomes are achieved when rounds are conducted consistently, e.g. every 1-2 hours, and purposefully, i.e. with intention, connection and standard activities from within the patient room. 

Digital Rounding Grows in Importance as the Population Ages

In 2011, approximately 41 million Americans were 65 or older. By 2029, when the last baby boomers reach retirement age, an estimated 71 million Americans will be at this same age, a 73% increase. An aging population presents numerous challenges for healthcare providers, including a key challenge of Medicare reimbursement.

My Experience Implementing Hourly Rounding in a Healthcare System

I remember vividly the day in early 2007 when the President of our health system called together a patient experience team to discuss a mission critical priority. I was being asked to co-lead the roll-out of Hourly Rounds simultaneously on 28 inpatient acute care units (including critical care) across five hospitals.

3 Reasons Why Organizations Switch to Digital Documentation of Purposeful Rounds

Purposeful hourly rounding is a care model that organizations utilize all over the world to ensure patients receive timely, consistent, and proactive care.

An intentional patient rounding process should positively impact call lights, falls, and patient experience scores. Even in our age of digitalization, we still find that many hospitals rely on pen and paper to document these rounds.

Using feedback from our clients, we have compiled a list of 3 reasons why organizations switch to digital documentation of purposeful rounds.

Mary Lanning Healthcare’s Behavioral Services Unit Leverages Technology to Purposefully Round on Patients
For Mary Lanning Healthcare’s Behavioral Services Unit, hourly rounding is centered around connecting with patient’s and having an active discussion about their current needs.
The Case for Stronger Nurse Collaboration

In the fast-paced hospital settings that make up modern healthcare, coming together as a team can make or break clinical staff’s ability to effectively care for patients on their unit. On hospital units, collaboration is the most important aspect of team care (Bags, Ryan, 1990). Though nursing is a field that is filled with autonomy, there's still a need for collaboration between nurses and all other interdisciplinary functions.

3 Reasons Why Nurses Love Nobl Hourly

During the past few weeks, our client service and marketing departments teamed up to interview those who interact with Hourly Rounding on a daily basis. Despite managing a high census, these nurses and nurse assistants stepped away from their units and into the spotlight to talk candidly about what they love about Hourly Rounding, Nobl’s industry leading hourly rounding platform.

5 Workflow Improvements Your Nurses Will Love

With AONE 2015 right around the corner, Nobl has been focusing our time and efforts on one goal: radically improving nursing. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of ways our software does just that. From customized unit rounding maps to instantaneous family communication, here’s 5 ways the Hourly Rounding platform transforms chaos into teamwork, giving nurses a consistent way to deliver better patient care.

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