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Nobl Joins The Beryl Institute Community

June 10, 2019 – Dedicated to improving the patient experience for the patients and families at the hospitals and clinics they serve, Nobl recently joined The Beryl Institute community as an organizational member and corporate sponsor.

The Beryl Institute serves as a resource for shared information and proven patient experience practices, a dynamic incubator of leading research and new ideas and an interactive connector of leaders and practitioners.

“With this membership, Nobl gains access to a community that supports and champions efforts to improve the experience of being a patient,” said Katie Haifley, Co-founder and CMO of Nobl. “Today the Nobl Rounding Platform is used for building relationships and gathering feedback with patients across the continuum of care by all departments. The nature of how our products are used today aligns with The Beryl Institute’s definition of the patient experience as being a sum of all interactions shaped by an organization’s culture.”

“I’ve been an individual member of The Beryl Institute but had not previously attended a conference until this year. I was excited about the networking I was seeing when I first arrived, but that was nothing compared to the quality of the sessions, the open sharing among attendees and the great networking with the vendors.  I knew that we needed to be an organizational member and a corporate sponsor to fully reap the benefits of what The Beryl Institute had to offer us, and to leverage what we could offer others by being more involved.”

“We are honored Nobl has joined The Beryl Institute community as an organization member. This action represents their clear, public and committed stand on the importance and impact of a positive patient experience,” said Jason Wolf, President of The Beryl Institute. “In becoming an organizational member, Nobl, has reinforced a central point in healthcare today, that people across all roles in healthcare can and do impact the patient experience and should have access to information and colleagues that will support them in their efforts.”

About Nobl

Nobl is a leading healthcare software company focused on helping healthcare providers capture real-time feedback from patients and staff through the Nobl Rounding Platform. Highly configurable and workflow minded, the platform is designed to help hardwire all types of rounding in organizations from hourly patient rounding to leadership rounding on staff. Through our insightful analytics and process improvement support our partners accelerate improvements in patient experience, staff engagement, and consistency of care.

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About The Beryl Institute

The Beryl Institute is the global community of practice dedicated to improving the patient experience through collaboration and shared knowledge. We define patient experience as the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization's culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.

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