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Nobl and the Advancement of Healthcare IT

We at Nobl are only a little excited that National Healthcare IT Week has arrived again, because, well, Healthcare IT is what we do best! Aligning ourselves with the many benefits of Healthcare IT outlined by HIMSS, we’ve created a list of ways Nobl's Hourly Rounding and Leader Rounding impact hospitals for the better.


Improved Healthcare Delivery

Improved Quality of Healthcare Delivery

Did you know that Nobl Hourly Rounding improves the quality of healthcare delivery with our personalized unit rounding maps? Being able to see which patients need to be rounded on allows nurses to collaborate to ensure every patient receives the attention they need.

Increased Patient Safety

Increased Patient Safety

When nurses address a patient's nutritional and bathroom needs during their hourly round, patients are more comfortable and less likely to move around. As a result, hospitals who hardwire hourly rounding see their patients falling less—sometimes up to 40 percent less!

Decreased Medical Errors

Data Aggregation

Every hourly and leader round conducted collects and stores patient data, which can be used in a variety of different ways! It’s pretty nifty when software does all the work for you.

Improved Patient Family Communication

Improved Patient, Family, and Patient Care Provider Communication

We're able to empower your nurses to communicate with their patient's loved ones with our leading-edge Friends and Family Portal. Knowing the patient’s condition is only a quick web URL away from you!

With Hourly rounds and Leeader rounds, patients, family, and patient care staff are all more connected—leading to higher HCAHPS patient satisfaction scores.

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