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Leader Rounding Interactive Workshops

Join Nobl for free interactive workshops to define, discuss and build a plan to improve your leader rounding processes. This program is intended for nursing and patient experience leaders who wish to design or enhance their current unit-level patient rounding programs and processes. In these workshops you will work with industry professionals to create an adaptive plan to best fit the rounding needs of your department. 

  • Learn new ideas and best practices
  • Work with rounding experts
  • Tap into a network of patient experience advocates
  • Content and discussion catered to the patient population you serve

Dr. Teresa Anderson has designed each session for a specific patient population. This allows every individual to create a unique plan to best adapt their rounding processes to their specific department. Whether you work with a medical surgical unit or work in pediatrics, you understand the importance of making rounding as effective for your patient population as possible. Attendees will have 90 minutes of in depth discussion with other industry professionals and leaders. To allow for every participant to have one on one interaction with others the number of participants in each session will be limited. Each attendee will leave with their own set of personalized questions based on your department's unique needs.


Join Nobl on November 11 for the pediatric focus group and on December 2 for the Med/Surg focus group.