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Press Release: Nobl Team Members Earn Top Certification as Patient Experience Professionals

Lincoln, NE – Nobl is pleased to announce that the Katie Haifley and Erika Allison, BSN, RN have recently earned the credential of Certified Patient Experience Professional (CPXP). 

The certification, awarded by Patient Experience Institute (PXI), signifies that recipients possess the qualities of a leader who influences the systems, processes, and behaviors that cultivate consistently positive experiences with knowledge and practical experience necessary to pass a rigorous examination. In addition, achievement of certification highlights a commitment to the profession and to maintaining current skills and knowledge in supporting and expanding the field of patient experience. Once certified, a CPXP must maintain his or her certification every three years and remain active in the field.

“As the patient experience movement grows, we recognize the important contribution professionals attaining certification as CPXPs will have. This designation is significant as it underscores and reinforces the critical focus on the patient and family experience in today’s healthcare environment,” said Jason A. Wolf, President, Patient Experience Institute. “The recipients of this certification represent a visionary, thoughtful and committed group of individuals focused on changing the landscape of healthcare for the better.”

Katie Haifley

“Since starting the company in 2013  Nobl’s mission has remained to make exceptional care the standard in healthcare. Our digital rounding platform has grown throughout the years to capture, track and report on the many dynamics that encompass the patient experience. Earning my CPXP designation and being part of this patient experience community is an investment to support our partner’s success by advancing our thought leadership and industry knowledge”

CPXP certification is an international designation intended for healthcare professionals or other individuals with a commitment and interest in patient experience improvement. Applicants should have professional experience in a patient experience related role or experience in engaging in patient experience efforts from various perspectives, be they as a healthcare professional, consultant or patient and family member committed to experience excellence.

Erika Allison

“As a seasoned clinician who loves to learn I was excited to sit for the CPXP certification. This will be another tool to use as I help guide clients in their patient experience journey” said Erika Allison, RN, BSN, CPXP, Nobl Client Success Manager. 

About Nobl

Nobl is a leading healthcare software company focused on helping healthcare providers capture real-time feedback from patients and staff through the Nobl Rounding Platform. Highly configurable and workflow minded, the platform is designed to help hardwire all types of rounding in organizations from hourly patient rounding to leadership rounding on staff. Through our insightful analytics and process improvement support our partners accelerate improvements in patient experience, staff engagement, and consistency of care.

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About Patient Experience Institute

The Patient Experience Institute (PXI) is an independent, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization committed to the improvement of patient experience through evidence-based research and professional development efforts including certification and continuing education. PXI’s focus is on providing a framework for supporting the development of the field of patient experience in conjunction with its sister organizations, The Beryl Institute and Patient Experience Journal.

For more information about PXI and the CPXP designation, visit

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