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Patient Experience Webinars

Patient Experience Webinars

Join us for these interactive webinars to define, discuss and build a plan to improve your rounding processes. The webinars feature a range of topics from industry trends on patient experience to home-grown tactics that attendees can implement today. These programs are intended for nursing and patient experience leaders who wish to design or enhance their rounding programs and processes. 


Each 60-minute webinar will welcome a limited registration to ensure that all have a chance to actively participate and ask questions to the Nobl team of rounding experts.

Webinars are designed to have periodic moments of reflection and discussion through the presentation so that attendees can interact with fellow webinar attendees.

Upcoming Webinars



The Art & Science of Leadership Rounding

January 18, 2023 | 12:00-1:00 CST

Leadership rounding on patients can have a profound impact on patient's experience when an empathetic leader builds a relationship with the patient based on respect and trust. Mastering the skills behind a purposeful round involves not only inquiring about experience but gently influencing experience.

In this webinar, we will explore how users can move beyond using leadership rounding as a method to survey to a daily practice that empowers patients and creates a remarkable moment on their journey.


Attendees will:

- Learn unique tactics to improve HCAHPS from leadership rounds

- Understand where organizations go wrong when setting up their rounding practice 

- Get a copy of our ebook on Best Practices for Leadership Rounding as a takeaway 

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How CXO’s and CNO’s can Recharge their Rounding Programs

May 17, 2023 | 12:00-1:00 CST

Has your leadership rounding program become another task leader check off each day? Do you need some new ideas on how to revamp the rounding process? Then this webinar is for you! This webinar will be jam packed with take home tactics and best practices from leading organizations to refresh their leadership rounding practices. Whether you're just starting to leader round or have been doing the practice at your hospital for years you'll find value in this webinar.
Attendees will:
- Learn tactics and best practice to recharge their rounds
- Understand why rounds can become just another daily task
- Learn the ways to prevent disengagement from leader rounds
- Receive our template to create a leader rounding handbook

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