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Nobl Integrates Interactive Patient Engagement and Patient Rounding Platforms with SONIFI Health

Nobl Health is excited to announce a partnership with SONIFI Health, a leader in interactive patient engagement and education technology. By integrating the two companies’ platforms, this partnership aims to deliver improved care coordination, streamlined nursing tasks, and enhanced patient engagement.

This seamless platform integration will improve communication between patients, nurses, and other hospital staff with real-time technology. This integration introduces increased efficiency for nurses through simple messaging tools and record management. By understanding patient needs before entering the room, nurses can perform intentional actions, like bringing an extra pillow, to increase patient satisfaction. Patients will feel at ease knowing a nurse will be constantly checking on their needs. This integration of Nobl and SONIFI Health platforms delivers an impactful and positive change in patient care.

“Integrations with SONIFI Health will allow Nobl to enhance the process of patient rounding by gathering patient experience, service recovery, and personalized care data directly from the patient to share with clinicians before they even interact with the patient,” says Nobl Co-founder and CMO, Katie Hottovy.

Read the full press release here.