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Educational Webinar: Creative Rounding Use Cases that Work!

Featuring Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska. Watch this Webinar.

If your rounding and auditing efforts have stalled or you need to re-energize your team and save nurse leader time, this is the webinar for you. It is probably time to think about creative uses for your existing tool or switching to a more dynamic and full-service digital application.

This program is for nurses, nursing leaders, patient experience officers, EVS leaders and other healthcare professionals interested in maximizing effectiveness of rounding, checklists, and other audits to improve safety, quality, staff engagement, and patient satisfaction.  Dr Teresa Anderson, Nobl Health CNO, will welcome Jennifer Howard, RN, Director of Nurse Staffing & Development and Terasa Farlin, RN, CRRN, Nurse Manager, Acute Rehabilitation as they present several creative ways that they have used Nobl Health Patient and Nobl Health Employee.  Take your imagination beyond the traditional “rounding” context and explore technology the way we do!

Attendees will:

1.  Describe creative ways to use technology to audit compliance with new processes and to automate employee competency observations and checkoffs.

2.  Discuss what worked and what didn’t for a national leader in specialty practice.

3.  Explore methods to customize rounds, audits, checklists, and competency assessment and reporting and save leader time.

We’re beyond excited about changing the way you look at rounding and help you to create the best experience for nurse leaders and patients.

Watch this Webinar