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Increasing Retention Amongst Millennial Nurses with Employee Rounding

As a new generation of nurses join the healthcare industry, we see that over a quarter (28.9%) of new nurses will leave their position within a year. According to the National Healthcare Retention and RN Staffing Report, 17.2% is the national average nurse turnover rate.

Millennial nurses have not been finding immediate satisfaction in their new careers, and as a result, are costing your hospital thousands of dollars. Millennial nurses need to feel like they are making an impact or a difference in their organization. Offering new engagement opportunities like joining committees, transferring to a new unit or leadership roles can improve satisfaction and retention of newly hired nurses. When millennial nurses feel like they are supported, they will experience growth and connection within the organization. Millennial nurses are eager to learn and desire to advance.

Employee rounding can help your nurse leaders build a strong relationship with their millennial nurses through meaningful and consistent interaction. Employee rounding tools like Employee Rounds give nurse leaders valuable performance improvement and human resource data at your fingertips.

As a new wave of graduated nurses begin to appear in hospitals, technology becomes more useful and efficient. This generation of nurses have a high ability to use technology and have a life-long computer software experience. Preferring social communication, these nurses can easily adapt to new technology that has been rapidly expanding in hospitals. Employee rounding tools are an important way to connect with millennial nurses.