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Improving the Patient Experience through Family Communication

For any of us who have had a loved one hospitalized for any length of time, the stresses of not being able to be at their side can be overwhelming. That feeling is magnified when that loved one is miles or states away. The Nobl Rounding Platform features a friends and family portal, designed to provide quick, secure and real-time updates to family members anywhere with access to the web. The feature also gives family members a chance to share their feedback about the software and the nursing care provided.

The portal not only can facilitate family communication, which can impact a patient's experience, but it also saves staff time by eliminating phone calls that interrupt care and distract staff. Improving family communication can impact your hospital's patient satisfaction scores and improve the likelihood that those patients or families will recommend the hospital. It is just one feature of the Nobl Rounding Platform, all of which is designed and enhanced with direct feedback from actual users. The platform is an ever-changing tool that responds to staff needs, just like the portal responds to family needs.  

Here are some comments from our partner hospitals on how the portal has personally impacted their family communication:

“This rounding app is very good for family hundreds of miles away that are concerned about a hospitalized family member. Thanks to whoever thought it might be a useful tool. Thanks to the staff who wrote the notes.”

“I just have to say that “Jeff” the nurse for my mother has been awesome. He has compassion! He truly cares not only for his patient but the family as well. How blessed we are to have all the staff, the best!”

“I really appreciated being able to know the tidbits of care for my mother. I was worried and I am thankful to have noticed when she was awake so I could message her, as well as when she was seen by a care provider so I could be ready for a message from her.”

”This is a nice feature to have. We are 3 hours away and cannot be there every day.”

Click here to view a demo of the Friends and Family Portal.

Blog written by Dr.Teresa Anderson, Chief Nursing Officer