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Hourly Rounding Educational Webinars

Hourly rounding is an evidence based practice that when used with the right technology and process can reduce patient falls, cut down on call lights, save time and improve patient satisfaction.  Even with the research and literature out there, hospitals still struggle to hardwire hourly rounding. This month we are sharing a three part webinar series. Whether your hospital is reimplementing hourly rounding or kicking off the process for the first time, these webinars will walk you through implementation, accountability and analysis of the hourly rounding process.

Rounding Reflection: Validating Your Processes to Drive Results

During this educational webinar we will explore tactics that organizations can use to track, support, and recognize rounding activities to achieve sustained excellence.

Rounding Reboot: How to Kick off Rounding in You Organization

In this educational webinar we explore tactics that organizations can use to launch a meaningful and successful hourly rounding program in a variety of settings.

Rounding Replay: Understanding Why it Didn't Work the First Time

If your organization has struggled hardwiring rounding or if you came short on your goals this is the webinar for you. We go over how to evaluate the barriers to rounding in your organization and how to assess your team's readiness to change.

5 Ways to Reignite Your Culture of Hourly Rounding

In this webinar, you’ll learn 5 strategic tactics that you can begin using right away to re-engage your leaders and care providers with the fully-intended benefits of hourly rounds. Let us help you restore and reignite the culture of hourly rounding in your organization.

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