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5 Simple Strategies for Nurses to Improve the Patient Experience

Nurses have an immense opportunity to impact the patient experience. Being in contact with the patient more than any other caregiver gives nurses the unique advantage to impact a patient's hospital experience. As hospital administrators and nurse leaders we have the responsibility to outfit our front-line staff with the tools to provide excellent service, empathetic connection, and high quality care. 

Hourly Rounding Educational Webinars

Hourly rounding is an evidence based practice that when used with the right technology and process can reduce patient falls, cut down on call lights, save time and improve patient satisfaction.  Even with the research and literature out there, hospitals still struggle to hardwire hourly rounding. This month we are sharing a three part webinar series.

Improving the Patient Experience through Family Communication

For any of us who have had a loved one hospitalized for any length of time, the stresses of not being able to be at their side can be overwhelming. That feeling is magnified when that loved one is miles or states away. The Nobl Rounding Platform features a friends and family portal, designed to provide quick, secure and real-time updates to family members anywhere with access to the web. The feature also gives family members a chance to share their feedback about the software and the nursing care provided.

Madonna Client Story: Hardwiring purposeful rounding through digital documentation and staff competencies.

Hardwiring processes is a universal challenge in healthcare where things change quickly, and mistakes can be life-threatening. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals strive to visit and address patient needs hourly using a standardized process to provide consistently excellent care. After several years of manual documentation, their proactive rounding process had not been hardwired and outcomes were not at the desired level.

Educational Webinar: Rounding Optimization - Putting Your Data to Work!
Nobl is excited to be offering another complementary educational webinar. Dr Teresa Anderson, Nobl Health CNO, goes through how rounding data can be used to improve processes, and further organizational goals. During this webinar nurses, nurse leaders, patient experience officers, and other healthcare professionals will learn about maximizing effectivenesss of rounding, checklists, and other audits to improve safety, quality, staff engagement, and patient satisfaction.
Using Rounding to Recognize and Reward Employees
At the end of each calendar year, our Nobl Team reflects on client successes and the gift of working with so many progressive and caring teams. Having a role in transforming our clients rounding processes and helping them achieve measurable outcomes brings us joy.