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How to Perform Leadership Rounds on Patients in a Clinic Setting

Leadership rounding on patients is a common tactic in acute care hospitals as a way for leadership to understand their patients’ experiences as they are happening and to positively influence the perception of their care.

A Tool to Improve Unit Level Caring Culture, Staff Retention, and Performance
The Great Resignation, or the “Big Quit” as it has also been described, is crossing many industries because of the pandemic but none more so than healthcare. We are 24 months into this healthcare crisis with nursing staff, unlicensed ancillary staff, and providers all feeling the stress of ongoing surges of the infection. Many are experiencing varying levels of emotional distress/burnout, physical illness, and or economic stress.
Service Recovery for Patient Loyalty

After working at a large patient satisfaction survey company, I have heard my fair share of patient stories. Although some stories were enthusiastic praises of the facility and the staff, more often, they were descriptions of terrible patient experiences. From losing an item at the hospital and never receiving follow-up to horror stories of poor quality of care. I’ve heard it all. A patient, who had filed a complaint with the hospital about a missing wallet, told me that “they [the hospital] never cared enough to look”.

Effective and Active Listening to Prevent Patient Experience Issues
Customers today have choices, multiple choices. Regardless of whether the need is for pet supplies, home repair or healthcare, consumers today are more informed and more likely than ever to ‘shop around.’ Increasing and sustaining market share for any product depends on satisfying the purchaser. For decades, the healthcare industry was exempt from some of this scrutiny because insurance companies paid the bills submitted and patients followed the advice of their medical provider about the need for services.
Moving patients from a good to a great experience

Think about a memorable experience in your life; one that you won’t ever forget. Odds are it's on one end of the experience spectrum either being a positive or negative experience. While there are many defining moments in our life that stem from an accident or luck, there are a plethora of opportunities to curate positive yet memorable experiences for the patients we care for in our healthcare organizations. 

The Art and Science of Leadership Rounding
Often the nature of my work in patient experience calls upon me to reflect about my own experiences as a patient and what the difference was from the experiences that I felt like they truly care for me and understood my needs versus those experiences that made me feel insignificant and without a say. As someone who has rheumatoid arthritis, I am no stranger to getting my blood drawn. I’ve had my blood drawn in many different healthcare organizations from state-of-the-art facilities with beautiful windows and modern furniture to small lab offices that play rock and roll music at a high volume while they take vial of your blood.