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AONE 2015 - Trends in Healthcare Technology

When the bell chimed at AONE 2015, it chimed loudly: Healthcare-driven organizations must adapt to navigate the emerging value-based landscape driven by federal healthcare policy. Organizations who implement these solutions understand the value in leveraging existing technology with innovative software.

Exhibitors able to deliver high-quality care while giving their clients the most bang for their buck quickly became conference frontrunners. One common denominator amongst these exhibitors is their intentional use of healthcare technology to lead the pack — technology geared toward improving safety and patient care management.

“Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), innovative technology is seen as an essential component of a stronger, better integrated, and more accessible healthcare system.”1

It was exciting to meet other vendors at AONE furthering the healthcare information technology change. Organizations like Xenex have created futuristic “germ-zapping” robots with the ability to decrease c-diff and MRSA prevalence for a healthier hospital environment. Our neighbors, Max-air Systems, have developed hoods and masks allowing healthcare providers advanced respiratory safety when exposed to contagious diseases. Organizations like Xenex, Max-air Systems and Nobl aren’t leaving any time soon, and as we advance into the future, we’re sure to see many more innovative and cost effective healthcare tech companies making their debut appearance at AONE. The question hanging in the air remains: How aligned is your organization to adapt with evolving healthcare technology trends? 1 "How #mHealth Is Changing Health and Healthcare." Web log post. HIMSS MHealth Roadmap. HIMSS, 2012. Web. 24 Apr. 2015.