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5 Workflow Improvements Your Nurses Will Love

With AONE 2015 right around the corner, Nobl has been focusing our time and efforts on one goal: radically improving nursing. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and created a list of ways our software does just that. From customized unit rounding maps to instantaneous family communication, here’s 5 ways the Hourly Rounding platform transforms chaos into teamwork, giving nurses a consistent way to deliver better patient care.

1. Digital Hourly Rounding

It’s time to replace pen and paper with tablets and computers. Hourly Rounding makes it easy to quickly document rounding tasks and leave personalized comments for the patient’s family so your nurses can focus on what really matters ー providing excellent patient care.

2. Live Rounding Maps

Thanks to our custom created rounding maps, nurses have the ability to know which rooms need attention by just a glance at a screen. Color-coated rooms communicate how long until the next round is due, enabling nurses to never miss a round.

3. Friends & Family Portal

Families are informed with the latest information as soon as an hourly round is submitted. Hourly Rounding assigns each room with a custom URL that families can access 24/7, delivering peace of mind whenever a family needs it most. Because there’s no patient-identifying information anywhere on the portal, it’s HIPAA compliant!

4. Recognize your top nurses

Hourly Rounding tracks statistics for all staff and displays them on reports that can be printed off and displayed in the unit, giving well-deserved recognition to your top performing nurses. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to give an extra boost of motivation to deliver a job well done.

5. Team Collaboration

At the end of the day, a unit’s ability to divide and conquer tasks enables nurses to deliver exceptional patient care. Being able to see which rooms need attention with our rounding maps allows nurses to team up and assist others with their tasks when they need help, creating a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

Everyone at AONE 2015 is focused on the goal of better nursing, so why not stop by booth 415 and experience how Nobl is dedicated to helping you help nurses. Comes see why Hourly Rounding is your ticket to happier, more efficient nurses.