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4 Reasons Why Employee Rounding is Important

When you have to manage over 100 employees, it can be difficult to provide personal feedback and create that personal relationship with each staff member. Employee rounding is a system that ensures clear communication and builds trust between staff and management. The goals of rounding are to create approachable management, strengthen relationships, find improvement opportunities, and show appreciation to employees. Below are four reasons why you should implement employee rounding in your hospital.

1. Increase staff engagement

Employee rounding increases staff engagement by building relationships between staff and management. Encouraging direct interaction between staff creates transparency in the organization. Creating purposeful work for employees will keep them interested in their tasks and responsibilities.

2. Increase employee satisfaction

A manager can boost morale through employee rounding to increase employee satisfaction. By providing an easy way to asses an employee, managers can spend more time talking to staff about concerns or praise. Recognizing employees that perform exceptionally is important in creating a happy culture in an organization.

3. Increase employee retention

A minor change in turnover of employees can impact your bottom line. This is why employee rounding is important to in order to keep employees in an organization. By spending time with staff through employee rounding, staff will feel valued by the company. Listening to employee’s ideas and addressing concerns will create an enthusiastic environment that employees will not want to leave.

4. Increase patient satisfaction

When managers and nurses have clear communication, ideas and improvements are easily filtered upward in order to implement change for patients. Additionally, when employees are satisfied, patients receive better attention and service.

The four reasons above outline why employee rounding is important in an organization. If you are interested in implementing employee rounding in your hospital, check out our product Employee, a tool to specially designed to help make your process of employee rounding more insightful and efficient.