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3 Ways to Empower Your Staff with a Digital Rounding Tool

Address Needs

Increase employee retention in your organization through addressing needs, recognizing staff, and sharing information. Engage your staff to provide the best care to patients. Reconnect with your staff with these three simple steps. Address Needs Genuinely, take the time to listen to employees about their issues and concerns. Use customized surveys to ask relevant questions that can uncover challenges among your staff. Document quickly to respect their time and understand their time is important. Don’t wait too long to solve any issues because you want to make your staff feel like a priority. Using a digital tool, you can easily send alerts to other departments when an issue can’t be resolved on the spot. Show your staff that you are taking the necessary steps to address their needs and concerns.

Recognize Nurses and Staff

Discover employee recognition opportunities when using a digital tool. Tracking success, goal accomplishments, and peer recognition is easier and faster with a digital tool. You will never forget to recognize deserving employees. When you get the opportunity to recognize staff, it creates meaningful interactions and increases employee satisfaction. Verbally recognize an employee after they did something meaningful individually or in front of others to express your appreciation. You can also write a meaningful hand written note that employees can keep to remember their value in an organization.

Share Information

Use a digital tool to easily communicate information to staff and other departments. A digital tool can automatically create intuitive reports, so you can analyze and trend employee data. Track your organization’s successful outcomes and proudly display goal achievements. Sharing information in an organization can directly empower your employees by including them in larger discussions and building awareness of what is happening. Nobl Employee is a digital rounding tool for employees that helps you retain your talented people, whether its your front line nursing staff, physicians, or hospital leadership - even a minor change in your turnover rate can make a significant impact on your bottom line.