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    patient satisfaction
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    Nobl assists healthcare facilities in improving patient satisfaction by making the process of hourly rounding more efficient, meaningful, and effective.

Real-time hourly rounding software for healthcare facilities.


Completion of hourly rounding procedures have traditionally been the sole responsibility of the primary nurses. A team approach to rounding allows the hospital to utilize all staff more effectively. With Vigilance™, visual cues remind staff when to round on patients, thus improving awareness and responsiveness throughout the entire unit.

Patient Experience

Nurses are busy people and can often lose track of time when tasked with multiple patients and responsibilities. Vigilance™ takes the guess work out of rounding and instead allows nurses to focus on what matters most; the patient. By increasing the number of touchpoints with the patient, their care and perception of care improves dramatically.


Vigilance™ holds staff accountable for their rounding procedures. Nurses are empowered to improve performance through transparent access into rounding compliance, statistics, and trends. The result is a culture of continuous learning and improvement at the individual, unit, and organizational level.

Nobl and Bryan Medical Center
A Partnership For Success

In 2013, Nobl and Bryan Medical Center teamed up to create a more efficient, meaningful, and effective hourly rounding process. This video shares Bryan Medical Center's reflection of their previous hourly rounding procedure and how Nobl Vigilance™ has enhanced that process throughout the organization.


Transform your healthcare facility's outcomes and maintain reimbursement


Vigilance™ serves as a proactive tool to maintain government reimbursement by elevating the patient experience. With the Vigilance™ solution, hospitals have seen increases in all 10 categories of HCAHPS, including significant increases in Overall Rating and Willingness to Recommend. In additional to the HCAHPS benefits, staff also note fewer call lights, reduced phone calls from family, improved collaboration, and greater engagement among staff.

Overall Rating 95%
Web Design Skill (95%)
Willingness to Recommend 90%
HTML & CSS Skill (90%)
Responsiveness of Hospital Staff 85%
Javascript & jQuery Skill (85%)
Communications with Nurses 89%
WordPress Skill (89%)

Quality Assurance

Revolutionizing friends and family communication

Constant phone calls from family take up time that should be spent providing care. Vigilance™ revolutionizes the day-to-day routine communication to friends and family by capturing and sharing relevant information automatically. After a round is complete, that relevant data is securely pushed to a family member’s smartphone, tablet, or PC. At any moment, family members can see that their loved one is regularly getting the care they deserve.

Nursing Real Time Map

Visual Cues

Keeping staff informed and empowered

Traditional rounding solutions often leave staff in the dark in regards to when a patient was last checked on. Digital Maps placed in high-traffic nursing stations provide staff with visual cues to ensure patients are being attended to in a timely and consistent manner. Staff can also access the digital maps through the Vigilance™ dashboard, ensuring they always have access to a room’s status.


An adaptable solution to fit your IT infrastructure


Vigilance™ integrates with Active Directory or a LDAP system so staff can quickly and seamlessly access the software at a moment’s notice.


Adaptable to various IT infrastructures, Vigilance™ can utilize your hospital’s existing intranet or be deployed through a secure and private cloud.

Browser Agnostic

Vigilance™ is a responsive, web-based application that is available on multiple browsers and can be used on any web-ready device.

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